About Laura

I'm Laura, mama of 1 to my little girl Klara, and married to my husband Ian.

We live in Christchurch, just outside of Bournemouth and enjoy getting out and exploring all our beautiful local area has to offer.

I gave birth to Klara in September 2021,  and as a first time mum I was apprehensive & nervous about birth. I found some reading materials about hypnobirthing and can hand on heart say this is what changed everything for me! Being able to gain an understanding of what my body is actually capable of and how I can support it to do it's magic of birthing my baby enabled me to go into labour feeling positive, confident and excited!


"my birth was an indescribable, amazing sensation"

I went on to have the most incredible waterbirth with Ian by my side every step of the way supporting me and giving me reassurance when needed. (you can read my birth story on my website) I felt so proud of myself for being able to lift my daughter out of the water once she was born- an indescribable feeling!

After having Klara, I was on what can only be described as a euphoric high for about 6 months afterwards. SIX MONTHS!! This was all thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I used in labour and how I feel my birth went. 

In the weeks and months that followed my birth, I would look forward to people asking me how my birth was. When I told them it was an indescribable, amazing sensation I was always met with funny looks, shocked reactions and the question of ‘are you crazy!?’

So how did I get here?!

This beautiful experience is what led me to walk away from a career in financial services to retain with The Little Birth Company as one of their hypnobirthing instructors. Changing how people view and prepare for birth is something I am truely passionate about! I can't wait to help you feel confident, calm and excited on the journey to your own birth, however you choose to birth!

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